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  1. Hi there i have problem with my transformer power supply. The input is 415v and the output is 130v. Now i need 110v from the 130v, so how to get 110v from 130v? Only need to reduce 20v to get 110v. What electric part or electronic part to reduce this voltage???? Plz help to solve my problem. Thanks.
  2. Thanks fo reply its made by japanese. May i know what u mean by IGBTs and how to check? Plz help
  3. Hello friend i have problem with my TIG welding inverter so need i need idea from you all. Ok the inverter will trip few second after switch on it. First the problem is the exhaust fan but after change i facing same problem. I had attach the pix below. If i plug in the connector and on sure it will trip but if i not plug in it wont trip. Now i just want to know what should i do to solve the problem and hope u all can guide me to solve the problem.
  4. Yes ur right and i did what you said. Now i use 1 transformer for 1 m/c so now all running in good condition and the amps also low. I just want to save cost but in safety wise not good. Anyway thanks guy. If anyone can teach me how to culcalate amps????????
  5. Thanks for you reply Theatronics. What you said is true, this machine have 3 main motor. 1 is 2hp motor and 2 more is servo motor. I think the hp is less then 0.5 because its small motor. Now i have 2 unit of machine that bought from korea. The power supplt is 220v 3 phase. I have 2 unit stepdown transformer. From 415v 3 phase down to 220v 3 phase. Now i just want get idea from u all is't suitable me to use 1 unit transformer to run 2 unit of machine??? and can someone explain me how to culcalate kva to amp????? for example 5kVa transformer can use for homy many amp machine or motor?????????
  6. Hi guys im doing m/c installation. We bought the m/c from korea. In malaysia we using 415v but the m/c need 3 phase with 220v so i need to use transformer. I have 2 unit 5kva transformer. The sec amp is 7 and the pri amp is 14amp. Now i want to ask u all, the m/c circuit breaker is 30amp. So can i use 1 transformer to run 2 m/c????????. Plz guide me.
  7. Hi there im looking for some main electric board checklist sample. Anyone there can help me? Thanks.
  8. Yes it have screw to tighten in the middle but i open went i took the picture. Now the problem is the resistor always spoil and the coil will snap. This make our machine stop and after change sure can run. Some time the resistor ok but the m/c problem after change the m/c will run. Headache :'(
  9. It's 12ohm and i just want to know any other component can replace by this coil resistor? Because the resistor always give problem. I want to change to new item.
  10. Here we are using is component but i not sure about this part name and also the use of this thing. Hope i get info from u all. Thanks
  11. Im not really understand on reset button. Can someone explain to me? Let said i using sensor and relay and also buzzer. The sensor on the buzzer not working but if the buzzer of then the buzzer working. Now i wanna stop the buzzer sound. How do do? Im using 12-24dc volt sensor, 12dc relay and also 12dc buzzer. Im not clear on this matter. Any idea on this matter or i need to use IC for this circuit.
  12. Hi guys i need help from u. I need to do 1 project and without using servo drive. Here i had a very old machine that call EDC. Its very old m/c. In this machine have 2 motor. Ok now i need idea or circuit that can control motor speed. Plz help me. Phase -3 Amp -3.1 Kw -1.5 Volt -415 Rpm -2840 Yeah its easy to use servo drive but i wanna save cost. Now the motor running in max rpm and i wanna control the motor speed. For more details plz ask me.Thanks.
  13. Anyway thanks SM2GXN and i clean my lab before took pix, hope Kasamiko understand. Here i still doing some project and clean it after finish the project. I always clean before i go back. If doing like this for sure the lab look clean.
  14. Hi guys just wanna share my lab with u all but simple lab for me because just start to do electronic work.
  15. Thanks audioguru for ur reply. Now there have few ic and its really hot but how to find which make overheat and make the circuit stop? Im trying doing small repair. Plz help and give some idea on this matter. Thanks.
  16. Hi Guys im al from malaysia. I had a problem with radio/cassette transformer. The radio bought in korea now went use in malaysia it can run almost 1/2 hour. After that it will stop. Need to wait for few hours and can use back. Ok the supply in korea is 220vac and 60Hz. In malaysia is 230vac/50Hz. The output from transformer is 16ac and 9.15ac but the original write in transformer is 15ac and 8ac. Plz give some idea to solve this problem. Any modification can i do in this power supply or change the transformer? Hope u all can share with me.Thanks
  17. Thanks for ur reply. Ok first the motor have 3 wire that goes inside motor and 2 wire is the behind of the motor. Im nor sure on the type or more detail. I had attach more clear pic. About the card also, i had attach but good one. The burnt card already sent out to repair.
  18. Here we have alot speed control motor. Were using for 1 of our main equipment. Last week i had a problem. My speed motor control card burnt. I need help to make new control to control speed of this motor. I had attach the motor and control pix. Here the spec. Orientel motor usm 425-402w 25W 200V 50Hz 0.24A 1.8uF 1200r/min I had try with potentition resistor but it burnt also, the motor is ok coz i had try with other control. Plz give idea and circuit to make tis thing run. Thanks.
  19. Hi all i have 1 unit sanyo tv. Now the screen only have 1 line. Rest of is in black colour. May i know what is the problem with this tv????
  20. yes but here im having problem to get same brand and same spec of capacitor. That make headache. Tis capacitor very hard to get in malaysia. If anyone can give details or were can i buy this capacitor.
  21. Just wanna ask guys now my capacitor is 20.0uf with 200dc, there have total 8 capacitor if i want to use 1 diff capacitor? ist possible? For exp 7 units 20.0uf/200dc capacitor and 1 unit of 15.0uf/200dc. Is this thing can work out? if can or cannot plz give me more info on it. Thanks
  22. Thanks for ur info. Its very useful to me. Thanks again.
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