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  1. Do you think that it is enough to know the size of the board due to the slight distortion (width and length) and what about the accuracy? Sincerely yours, Daniel
  2. Oh sorry, of course I meant the JYQD V7.3e3 and not the 7V that doesn't exist. But I still only find the old version. I would need the dimensions of the pads or the distance from them to the edge to create the circuit board. Do you have any suggestions? Kind regards, Daniel
  3. Has someone the new datasheet from the JYQD_V7.3E3 motordriver (24V) (that one with the hall sensor pads on the side and not the regular one that it is aligned) DC-12-V-36-V-15A-500W-Senza-Spazzola-Del-Motore-Sala-BLDC-Bordo-di-Driver.jpg_640x640q70.jpg_.webp
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