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  1. @admin Would you mind recommending me the best obsolete distributors ?
  2. Hi @admin, thanks for your reply. I have no reference. That is the only name I know of the component. Allegro stopped manufacturing it a while ago so I could not find a part number if that is what you are asking for. I only know the manufacturer (Allegro) and the name of the product (ASEK-01). I have also attached the Technical Guide of the kit we would like to buy.ASEKTechGuide.pdf
  3. Hi everyone, I work for Leonardo UK (Edinburgh) and we would like to buy a stock of Allegro ASEK-01. I have tried contacting the manufacturer (Allegro) but they are offering me only the newest version (ASEK-20). The product requiring the kit is now 10 years old and we cannot update our systems to accomodate for the new kit. Even if a newer kit was compatible, we would have to update our specs which would take us time and production is scheduled very shortly. Please if anyone knows where I could buy a stock of ASEK-01 or, at least, point me to someone who might know, we would really appreciate it. Kind Regards, Cadena
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