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  1. Despite heavily reliant on Apple’s orders of iPhone’s, about an 89.49 percent drop has been proved in net profit in the wake of mass disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a defense strategy, the company is cutting down on management and operational costs to recover from losses to distribute a cash dividend of NT$4.2 per common share. Besides, the company would hold a technology forum in about October to showcase new developments, which comprises five centers specializing in artificial intelligence, semiconductors, next-generation communications, cyber security and quantum computi
  2. Solder is in arguably one of the required building blocks for electronic assemblies, and every assembly in the world has it. Solder, has been around for over 5,000 years, by some accounts, and used for weapons, jewelry, and stained glass, among other items. In 2006, everything changed for the vast majority of contract manufacturers with the RoHS directive that effectively removed lead from the soldering process for all products to be built or imported into the EU Removing lead increased the amount of thermal energy required to melt the solder and create a good MIC. Removing lead
  3. Protection of the global supply chain is important for high-tech companies Chinese companies need to avoid U.S. criticism and potential U.S. penalties, trade restrictions related to possible export control violations. As demonstrated, China will try to build their own industry by themselves. Over the past two decades, China welcomed multinational companies. But now in the coming years and decades, China will say no, it must be produced by Chinese. China makes about half of the world’s electric vehicles, and it will very likely continue to play a key role in the future. Six of the top-ten b
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