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    South Carolina, U.S.A
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    Writing and recording music
    Retro game collecting (specifically the Sega Genesis and its hardware extensions which include the 32X, Sega CD and Odd controllers such as the official fight sticks)
    Refurbishing / cleaning up my personal game cartridges, consoles, and controllers
    Speedrunning (The Lion King for the Sega Genesis)
    For the past few years, I have been interested in the art of board and circuit design.

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About Me

I usually have a few programming projects going on at any given time (Python, JavaScript and C#). I've always leaned towards writing the back end of a program more than GUI or any type of UI since I don't have a good eye for design. Networking (TCP/IP/UDP), command implementation, security, and anything I find or an idea that is interesting enough to start a project on is where my focus lies. I do not program for a living, it is just one of my longest standing hobbies (around 14 years) and one of my favorite hobbies. I will say that I'm no where near a professional skill level, but I am at least above moderate. I don't really have much to showcase since I've rarely posted any of them online. Most of my projects aren't really something that others would necessarily need or want to use. They're more like 14 years worth of practicing different areas and combining that knowledge over the years into my newer projects.

Writing and recording music (live instruments: Guitar, Drums, Bass) is one of my other major hobbies but I have not put together a track in quite a while. I enjoy writing in the genres of rock, metalcore, post-rock, and jazz-influenced variations of those styles. I've played guitar the longest out of the live instruments that I play (around 14 or 15 years), however I am nowhere near expert levels with this hobby, either. I would showcase my music since it does exist online, but only a couple of the songs I've written are worth taking a listen to, and probably only once or twice.

I've been collecting games for the Sega Genesis for about 5 months and I really enjoy it. It's a much slower hobby, since I'm attempting to complete my collection. It can get pricey, but since I've been taking it slow, there are plenty of cheaper games I can still purchase for my collection. I prefer to have them Complete In Box (CIB) but I don't mind picking up loose games. I also enjoy the cleaning process of opening a cart, cleaning up the PCB / ICs, contacts, and the plastic shells. It's time consuming but well worth the effort. Something I would like to learn how to do is create new labels for some of the games. I want to keep them all original if possible, but many have extremely damaged labels, or were unfortunate enough to be in the possession of BlockBuster, which would slap 'Void if removed' stickers on the labels and around the carts. Very annoying to deal with when you have essentially a pristine game minus the BlockBuster sticker.

I've only been a speedrunner for about a year and a half or two years, but my main focus with speedrunning was always The Lion King for the Sega Genesis. It's known as one of the most difficult games on the system and for me, it has been a mostly enjoyable experience. For those of you that may not know, speedrunning is the act of beating a game as fast as possible. I am currently in 6th place on the leaderboards however, I held the world record for a short period last year. Many amazing people enjoy this hobby and I've met some fantastic people during my time speedrunning. Teaching others how to run the game and how to pull off the insane glitches/skips has been a blast for me, as well. Watching those that I taught pass me on the leaderboards was actually a fantastic feeling.

As mentioned in my interests, I am very interested in learning how to create circuits. I've created a few essential beginner circuits such as a LED (with button, with switch, RGB, 555 Timer) but that's the extent of my knowledge when it comes to building a circuit from scratch. I honestly don't understand schematics when trying to read them. I don't want to go to school for this nor do I really want to invent some crazy stuff, I just want to understand how the flow of electricity from one component to the next should be set up and specifically why it should be done that way. I would also like to move on from a breadboard to actually soldering a circuit onto at least a project board and leave the breadboard for testing an idea not for housing the project.


Quite a lot about myself but hopefully it's not too much to read. Thanks for stopping in and checking out what I'm about!

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