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  1. Here is a diagram of one that someone else has built but I thought it might be done simpler. The diagram does not show the third actuator which controls the bucket curl. He used a second board for that one item.
  2. I have built an electric front end loader on my garden tractor and it works fine but I am using two reversible momentary switches to control lift and curl of the bucket. In this fashion I have no ability to gradually move the bucket because they are either on or off and any nuance is not available. I have seen some devices that control the loader with a joystick and a DC motor controller. I need the joystick to work in the X and Y axis. The Y axis will only be one actuator of 25 amps max, but the X axis will be two 25 amp actuators working in unison. I have seen the very small joystick controllers that control small motors but I need a heavier duty model. Can anyone here help me put together a unit? Thanks
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