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  1. I found they do make a difference - even 0.01uF. It depends on what flavour you want or what you want to change. The Jupiters, Audyn copper max and also Duelund JDM's are all interesting bypass caps. If you are looking to keep the cost down, it could be worth trying the Duelund JDM copper 0.01uF ...I prefer the silver and tinned copper but they are twice the price. They are very clear caps. The Audyn's are more punchy and aggressive IMO ..but I like that, so it depends on your system and tastes I found the Jupiters give a bit more middle (body) and top but are not quite as clear as the other two ...but thats testing in my system ..so its just opinion. I was surprised at how much they can affect the overall sound when I first tried them as it didn't make a lot of sense to me before I tried them. Hope that helps
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