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  1. Hi everyone! One question: How do I proof the reliability or validity of the automatic calibration I do with the analytical balance? I never questioned it, but now I am being told that the only calibration is the one done by the certified metrologist every six months because he presents the whole set of statistical data and everything. Apparently I can only do verifications.... Any advice? Thanks! thanks in advance for any help
  2. One voltage step is typically more efficient than additional steps, i.e., use one converter for each desired output stepping down once form the source voltage, 14-12, 14-9 and 14-5. Worth noting that your 4S LFP won't be at 14V for very long. You'll rapidly drop into the low to mid 13s under load. 2-3) don't know. 4) No, but % efficiency is more related to the power being converted. Very low power tends to be very inefficient. Moderate power tends to be efficient (92% "max"), max power tends to be a little less efficient. "Power" is relative to rated power, i.e., 0.5W on a 50W unit would be very inefficient, but 0.5W on 1W unit would be very efficient. 5) I suspect they may drift slightly with temperature. I'd put a small LED voltmeter on each output for fun.
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