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  1. @HarryA What do you mean by charger here? I am not using any charger but instead a power supply of 12v 1.5A connected directly to the circuit. Are you suggesting me to use a 12v 1A power supply instead?
  2. @HarryA For 2s setup, I am using 8.4v 1A charger and for 3s, 12v 1.5A adapter. Do you think that using 12v 2.5A or 3A can fix this issue, at least for 3s circuit?
  3. Hi, I created a couple of router UPS (2s and 3s) according to the attached circuit diagram, minus the voltage display. They work fine except that when batteries are completely depleted and output is turned off, it doesn't give the necessary output after the power restores until I turn the circuit off and on again manually through the on/off button. My router's light blinks in a cycle for a brief moment and turns off as if it is not getting the necessary voltage/current. Can someone help me resolve this problem, please? I used this YouTube video as a reference to build these circuits:
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