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  1. I plan to modify my Samsung 17' LCD monitor model 710N so that it can accept a SVideo or a composite video signal, assuming that perhaps the controller chip has the function but it is not implemented. Opening up the monitor, there are only two boards, a PS board, and a controller board with one big chip on it SE7889. I have spent 4 hours searching in the net for info on the chip and so far had not even found who the manufacturer is. Can anyoen help point me to a datasheet? Thanks. CM
  2. I tried hunting for two weeks before I saw your post. Most power supply companies are Taiwanese though their factories are in China. And they like to buy products from Taiwanese companies. There are many small Taiwanese companies producing very specialized niche products to support the local scene. As such, I started looking at Taiwanese sites. This link is the closest I could find. No other luck so far. http://www.manufacturers.com.tw/electronics/pwm-controller.html CM
  3. Hi sawwa7, Like you I am looking for information for this chip. It appears that you have a schematic of a PS with this chip or you have the datasheet. Can you post it here. Thanks. CM
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