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  1. Yes exactly, You said it right. Today you see how much 3d printing serves on daily basis. It's perfect guide, thank you! So of the best 3d printers list can be found here portable printers wireless for travel, they are doing fantastic work in reviewing top products. I'm quite impressed.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm currently researching access control systems for a building project I'm working on and could use some guidance. I'm particularly interested in understanding the different types of access control systems available and their respective pros and cons. Could anyone share their experiences with implementing access control systems in buildings? What factors did you consider when choosing a system? Are there any specific brands or technologies you recommend? Also, I'd love to hear about any challenges you faced during installation or maintenance and how you overcame them. thanks in advance for any help
  3. Hi all. First time poster here. I have a 240 volt, 10 Amp AC generator being powered by excess compressed air that would otherwise be wasted. I want to use it to charge a bank of 12 V DC batteries wired to be 24 V. My issue is that the compressed air pressure varies slightly to the point that the generator run between 40 ad 59 Hz. The voltage varies along with the speed. Is there off the shelf equipment that can take the varying AC voltage and turn it into something useful to charge the batteries? I initially started with a PULS CPS20 Power supply, but found the lower end of the generator caused the power supply to trip when it gave the generator load. Under no load the generator is spinning around 63 Hz. When the power supply gave it load it would drop down to 40 Hz and the CPS20 would automatically shut it off. thanks in advance for any help
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