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  1. running power along signal cables can cause line noise this is most well known from car audio and also in some experiments i have done with alternatepower sources, I have found that generators and other power supplies will give you either interference or ground loops or both epspecially without conditioning the signal from the power source.
  2. yeah it puts out a small voltage/current because when you solder led's with it and touch both leads it will light up.
  3. what could be done with an 80386 or even an 80486? Just wondering since i saw the other post about Pentium/80586's and everyone suggested the person buy a motherboard if they wanted to use it, same principal here or no?
  4. ok i have been looking for the datasheet for this one for a while. It was made by c-cube who was purchased by LSi? around 2001! so this is a cpu for commercial dvd players. chip is a ZiVA-4.1 anyone?
  5. anyone have the service manual for a PT-47WXC43G?
  6. where ? i thought i was all over the site and couldn't download anything as far as i could tell! could you spare a link? as far as what reciever??? who knows i was just going to use this remote for a few things but could never find the info anywhere!
  7. umm well anybody have the sequences for ANY other pioneer remotes? I am willing to try anything at this point
  8. I have been looking for a few years for the procedure to enter learning mode on the CU-VSX128 / AXD7153 remote control. or at the very least i would like to know how to program it (if it is even possible) says it is pre programmed and learning and can do macros i think. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it!
  9. try here it's not perfect nor fully complete but all you have to do is type in what you have/need to replace and it most of the time you get results. this is mostly for thru hole type and not smt . [LINK]http://www.ee.washington.edu/circuit_archive/parts/cross.html[/LINK]
  10. how could one replace a dvd laser pickup with a live digital feed? now at first i would like to ignore the specifics as to how the feed is created and other specifics that can be discussed later if need be! what I want to know is can it be done? ask any questions if you need me to be more specific after all this would be a rather large post if i were to add all related info right! lol and hello to everyone obviously i am new here.
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