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Found 2 results

  1. Hi i am get the following short circuit protection circuit from the website it is working fine .The problem is when the 12v supply is on it is started from NC operation after pressing the push button only the output will come and if it is short circuit at the output the relay get turn off and it is change to NC.I want to modified this circuit as first it work with NO and if it is short circuit it is work to NC that is i want to avoid pressing push button at the start up and automatically it has to work to NO at first and if it is short circuit at the output it has to work with NC.i am unable to find the way to implement this logic.Please guide me to achieve this solution
  2. Hello~all, I want to made a project about smart home. Please look at the following picture before looking my problems. In the circuit,it can send the audio signal and video signal which taking simple by AD to ST and then ST will send them out . In another way,DA DA will return the audio and video to analog signal after ST received digital.My question: Is there anyone do such a project like me ? Could you give me some advice ? For example, What kind of chip do I need in the AD/DA of video. I have used STMF103 and stmf407 to do some project. At present,I would like to use this chip--VS1003 to be the output .Is it suitable? Thank you in advance! Welcome to design it with me! Have a nice day~
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