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Found 8 results

  1. I’m designing a hand-held device for a client, and I’m in need of a membrane switch keypad. One of the requirements is that the keypad be manufactured to withstand moisture. Do you know any companies who specialize in very tough keypads for rigorous environments?
  2. Hello We designed this Snubber Circuit with this varistor in parallel but we have a problem in a small load. Even when the relay is disconnected, a small current is flowing. For example, when connecting a phone charger, the phone screen keeps turning on and off. The varistor is Hongzhi Elec 7D471K The resistor is 2.2 ±5% 1W ±350ppm/°C Axial,3.3x9.2mm Carbon The capacitor is 100nF ±10% 275VAC 10 Through Hole,P=10mm Suppression Capacitors I think the problem is with the capacitor and maybe I need a smaller one to increase the impedance and limit the current flow or schematic problem.
  3. I have a question, there are so many development boards in this world, banana pi, raspberry pi and so on, could you pls tell me more about these boards? What's your opinion?
  4. Hello, Everyone!!! I am Katy Radcliff and new to this forum. I love to repair and rework PCB's, so I hope I will get something new related to PCB's and other electronic things.
  5. Good afternoon~all Please help me out. As the LP3856’s datasheet shows,the inputted current is 3.3V,the outputted current is 1.8V,the referring voltage is 1.216V,. What should I consider about when in the design process? Can I use LP3856 here ? Wishes~
  6. Electronics Advisor Wanted Hi, I imagine there are some electronics hobbyists out there that can help with this: Job Description: A prototype design for a consumer product currently being 3d designed for a Startup. It will contain a small circuit board, motor, and sensor etc. I am looking for someone to advise me on the electronic parts I've chosen. This person will be someone that tinkers with hardware and has experience using batteries, sensors, micro controllers, etc. Deliverables may include: Arduino code, custom circuit board design and supplier selection, battery size recommendation, PIR or other sensor type selection We will agree on the deliverables and a timeline up front. Experience in plastics/consumer products design preferred. Please respond with high your experience/resume and we will discuss. Full scope will be provided to successful candidate. Qualifications: Experienced hobbyist or technologist Experience in consumer products preferable Application Instructions: Please feel free to touch base with me about it - [email protected]
  7. Hello I will like to know what are the best online superstores out there ? Lately I have found myself doing most of my online shopping on WIN SOURCE (a superstore that has quality electronic gadgets and appliances). They can be accessed via http:// www. win-source. net/
  8. (This is my 1st post in this forum and I will post many post in the near future. ) Printed circuit board design software This electronic design software is a license software professional edition. This is a PCB Wizard Professional edition with learning samples. This printed circuit board design software uses latest transistors, ICs, Resistors, Condensers, Triacs, Logic gates, Input also output components, digital meters, analog meters also oscilloscope also includes many type of Pin types. Just like SIL, DIL, and DO Etc. This printed circuit board design software[highlight #000000][color #000000][/highlight] packages includes 01 PCB Wizard Professional Unlimited Edition 02 Livewire Professional Edition 03 Bill of Materials Database Update 04 Examples Here is the download link of printed circuit board design software. http://tinyurl.com/zq9sd8f I will upload it soon. It’s Includes new facility to do more works. In the near future we will upload it to this playlist and wait for the latest update.
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