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Found 2 results

  1. There are lots of feature PCBs to be offered with competitive price,including HDI 8 layer Rigid flex PCB, 12 Layer 4OZ PCB with Buried Via with Enig,aluminum base for high condutive electricity,and extra DIY feature product can design or upon your request,if you are interested in it,feel free to contact ,tks. BR Jalina
  2. Electronics-Lab.com team is always looking for partnerships that will benefit our members and bring some valuable offer to all of you. This time we would recommend an Elektor yearly subscription for half the normal price. With this offer you will gain access to thousands of articles and hundrents of projects. This is an exlusive offer for electronics-lab members and to benefit from the offer you just have to enter E-LAB16 code on this form. The offer is valid for Elektor GREEN Membership and costs US $37.50 (€34.00 / £24.48) for a year. What you get: 6 Editions of Elektor Magazine (132 pages each) in PDF format Free access to all PDF editions of Elektor Business Magazine (approx. 6 per year) Unrestricted access to the Elektor 2000 - present day archive (thousands of articles!) Full access to over 750 Elektor Labs projects A minimum of 10% discount on all products at Elektor.com
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