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Here is a list of speaker designing sites ;) :

Audio Illusions: http://indigo.ie/~walton/audio1.html
The 3D-Spiral Horn Speaker Building: http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~hanbei/eng-intro.html
Audio Lab Loudspeaker Plans : http://www.ee.gatech.edu/users/207/labsp/
Audio Lab Loudspeaker Plans (2) : http://www.ee.gatech.edu/users/207/labsp2/
William Cowan's Peerless 831857 subwoofers : http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/9329/tlees.html
The Russ Button Subwoofer : http://www.button.com/Russ/audio.shtml#subwoofer
Monolith Subwoofer (Jerry Lynds) : http://husky1.stmarys.ca/~j_lynds/Monolith.htm
Paul Horn's Subwoofer (6th order) : http://www.linkline.com/personal/phorn/audio/hs_subwoofers.html
Luther Ward's Sub Atomic Express : http://wardsweb.org/audio/beast.html
Patman's SUNosub : http://www.io.com/~patman/sunosub.html

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