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Wave Frequencies

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Greetings! I don't know for certain that this is the correct place or forum for this question, but any help towards the answer to my question, or a finger pointing in the direction of a site that might have what I'm seeking would be greatly appreciated! Here's the idea behind the question I have:
For a couple years now there have been these units available that consist of a small controller attached to a pair of headphones and wrap-around glasses with the lenses blacked out. At least that is what comprised the unit I tried out a while back(probably 6 years ago!), and I know there have been some improvements to the design since then. Inside of the dark lenses of the glasses were mounted a couple LEDs of different colors symetrically placed behind each lense. A person could turn on the power to the unit and pick a preset 'program' that would produce certain frequency pulses to the LEDs while simutaneously playing audible frequency patterns through the headphones. The idea behind this is that by producing patterns that mimick the body's natural frequencies occuring in the brain when a person was relaxed, the unit could induce the same relaxed state in a person that was under a lot of stress. Similar patterns to induce sleep, concentration, etc could be programmed as well. What I'm looking for is the actual numbers representing these frequencies. For instance, say the LEDS are pulsed at 100hz in a left/right frequency of 2 hz, while 2 hz pulses of 100hz are fed alternately into the headphone speakers. I'm sure that these are not even close to what the actual frequencies should be, and that is what I'm looking for help with. ???Please help me out with any ideas you might have. I'd really, REALLY appreciate it! Thanks, Dan

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