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IC P/N STi7000AQA, 208 pins in 52 x 52 square array in PQFP205 package. Single Chip HDTV MPEG2 decoder & Display, PQFP205 HDTV receiver chip made by STi Thompson (aka LGT) Now that I see this info, would think package would be like PQFP208 (not 5)

Doubt I'll every find this one, but you never know & could use the hand if seen by anyone !

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Guest DeVeleooper

I have the same problem with datasheet for STI7000.
Once www.freetradezone.com was sharing almost all datasheets, now they want big money for membership, but they show that they have datasheet for STI7000. Maybe someone have an account with them and can download this pdf and share.


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