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Weird chip problem

Guest Kasamiko

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Guest Kasamiko

Hi mate..
I just encountered this amplifier with weird chip marking. ???
the chips looks like ordinary AN7161, with 12 pins. Obviously the original number was erased and replaced with this "TA5555"! >:(
I've search the net and can't find any device with this marking...
So i decided to trace the circuit and make a rough diagram out of it..
Hoping for any suggestion..


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SGS Thompson made several power amp chips like these which were a TDAxxxx, where the x is a number. You might try a cross there, and then try to cross a TDA number over to NTE as they seemed to have quite a few of their equivalent parts.
I will also keep looking in some of the data I have.
Here is a site with several of the TDA data sheets. You might find a similar one: http://users.otenet.gr/~athsam/database.htm


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