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+- 15vdc Dual Converter

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Oscillator coupled with a Greinacher voltage doubler, right? In theory, it should work. I'm not quite sure about your implementation, though.

It looks like you've grafted two different schematics together to get that schematic. I'm curious about the left-hand side of the circuit, as it doesn't look like it should work. Do you have a reference for it?

I'm also not quite sure how it's supposed to increase the voltage.

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TR1 and TR2 won't switch anything, with D4 and D8 connected backwards.
Where is the positive supply for TR1 and the negative supply for TR2 going to come from?
Also in your oscillator, when one transistor conducts, it drives the base of the other transistor negative, through the coupling capacitor, much beyond its reverse breakdown-voltage rating of about 6 or 7V, causing slow destruction. Each oscillator transistor's base needs a protection diode.

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