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Reverse polarity protection circuit


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This reverse polarity protection circiut idea was inspired to me by hotwaterwizard. my idea here was to use mainly microwave oven parts, starting with the microwave oven filter circiut, and relays, and i threw in a few diodes and a 1uf 350 volts electro, and a fuse holding circiut board that takes six fuses , and i put in a rotary tap switch, all this ,i put into a home made pvc circiut box, at the front is the switch and input terminal posts and 2 leds, 1 led is power input indicator for 12 volts, the second led is the relay led , this indicates that the relay has come on and is passing 12 volts, now if the inputs were acidently reversed the relay will come on but not pass 12 volts, maybe a few but not 12.

Now the fuses are there to protect the relay wireing in case of short in whatever you power with 12 volts. to simiulate you can short the outputs together and no1 fuse will blow, so by rotateing the rotary switch to the second fuse ill have that to use and it goes up to 3 fuses. the other 3 are spares, now the microwave oven filter circiut, this is an exsperimental idea as its a filter and because i can pass dc iether way through it id thought it may filter any reverse voltage transients from some of my high voltage exsperiments should i decide to link it with one. the microwave oven filter circiut has its own fuse, i deliberately blew that fuse to tap onto the end fuse caps to run it to the other fuses via the rotary switch , ill add more updates when i link this in in some high voltage exsperiments.

by Steven

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