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Epson bi-polar step motors em-236 & em-237


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It is probably more dependent upon who IBM purchased them from. I do not think they make their own.
How many wires do you have and what are their colors? This will be more helpful. Also, I usually measure the resistance from wire to wire to map out the windings. You will find the coil resistance this way and find out which wires are connected to which internl coils in this manner. If the stepper was in IBM equipment, it is probably a 5VDC stepper. I could be wrong on this, but I have never seen IBM use a different voltage for steppers in their equipment (unless it is very old). Also, this is a safe voltage to try. If you know this and the coils resistance, you no longer need a data sheet, because you can tell how to step it from this information.

Here is a link to a site that has information regarding IBM steppers pulled from old equipment. Your pin-out might be here:
Please let us know how you made out.


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:) for linx
:) for interest

:-\ both of my steppers have 4 wires, all colored in light blue,
but there is a brither side of it too ::), i have tried to move my steppers by conectin' their wires to 4.5V battery & they are movin'

8) the wires are conected as followin':
1st with 3rd &
2nd with 4th (there are two series of windings in every motor)

one step is very small, i haven't chacked out how much degrees ???

i still don't know what voltage do they use and what is their rpm limit

any other information would be usefull too

:'( thx anyway

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