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Hey guys, firstly I'll tell you a bit about my history in electronics I used to do a night class when I was like 15 it was pretty basic stuff copying from diagrams making little things like fire alarm & door bell that kinda thing,

now I'm a bit older I want to get into it again so I'll need to get a soldering iron and circuit board's and bits and pieces to get started,

I found software called Electronics Workbench just to mess about and try and learn till I get all the bits and pieces I need and I was just wondering does anyone know where I can get simple diagrams to try and make on the workbench software and when I get the stuff I need to make in real life, I am a total beginner and it would be great to get back into it again because it gave me alot of enjoyment thanks for reading.

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for something really productive but simple, try the diyaudio.com group and the chip amp thread. these chip amps put out about 50W per channel in their most basic form and are said to sound fantastic. they are also called gainclones. they can be made very cheaply, especially if you can get the parts free as samples (I did), I am also a newbie, or, like you, returning to the hobby and I also need to collect tools as well. try electronic goldmine for cheap tools and parts. I am still putting together an order and am very psyched to build my first version of this.

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