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Longwave Radio Circuits

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I have something to ask, how is a longwave radio different from a AM radio receiver. Is it the ferrite coil antenna and also the oscillater/mixer coil? I want to learn more about on how to build a
radio receiver that covers 10 kHz to 150 and also 150 kHz to 520 kHz. Its something for me to learn on how they work and also I want to work on something different.

Also why is there not any long wave radio receiver kits out there, I bet many hobbyists want to build a longwave band radio kit of their
own using a soldering and a bunch a tech tools. I certianly do see
AM and SW radio receiver kits, but no longwave related kits except
the Ramsey VLF converter kit. I hope in the future, especially for
NDB DXers and hobbyists that we get LW radio kits, and also look
into LW and MW kits like 2 band radios or 3 band LW-MW-SW kits.

Please help me out and others who are interested in this, and I hope to get further in low frequency electronics for ham radio
and radio science purposes.

Adam Ebel

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