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LED question???


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hey dudez,

i got this 7-segment LED display, which i have to use it on my project. WHich is basically about adding two 2-bit numbers. and subtraction.

Well, the problem is, i dont know what the leads of this LED are.., like which one is a, b, c....g etc ??

OK. the LED looks like this:


It has 5 pins on the left and 5 on the right.

And if u look from the top view, there are 2 dots on each side of the digit on the top.

Can somebody plz help me where the a, b, c....g goes??and etc.


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first, you got to know it is a common anode or common cathod 7 segment LED display.

second, the fastest way to check the a, b, c...g is to directly check which pin will lit its corresponding segment by applying power across the pin and the common terminal.

Remember, test is always the fastest way rather than asking, especially there are many specification on 7 segments LEDs.

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