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Allegro A6615sed datasheet needed

Guest 7th_Legion

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Guest 7th_Legion

Hello to everybody!
I really need information about A6615sed from Allegro manufacturer.
It's a 44 pin plcc-package, capable of driving 2 bipolar stepper-motors. It can be found in (recent) Epson-stylus-42ux printer, but seems to be a old component. A lot of chinese trader still sell it, but no-one seems to have the datasheet on internet. Anyone have it? Or, may be, a paper sheet about it... to scan? I'm ready to pay for it!

greetings from Italy,

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Hey ....

Well.. Unfortunately  Allegro won't share the A6615SED  Datasheet..  I talked to the technical staff... and the A6615SED  was developed for a particular customer (probably Epson)  and as such... the datasheet is not for public consumption...  anyway.. I will try to play with it... there are some pretty obvious pins in the layout....  if I come up with some info.. I will let you know... thanks...

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