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Philips PCF5073 datasheet needed


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Hey there,

PLease help,
I am in trouble with my graduation project, need this PCF5073 GSM Baseband/Audio Interface datasheet to carry on with it. I couldn't find it anywhere ( only the first 6 pages).

If you have any ideas where i could find it, please reply.
I tried most of the search engines for datasheets i found listed on this forum +asked Philips Semiconductors to have a look in their database:

If I find the datasheed meanwhile i promise i will let you know. Many thanks
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Thanks for the datasheets. I have both of them too, it seems that the 50732 is not compatible with the 5073.

However the datasheet for the pcf5073 alone is scanned by you from IC17_98 book.

That was very nice of you to do!

Problem with the 6 pages datasheet is that it is not complete; it is kind of a short version. I am struggling with guessing things.
Thanks again, you seem to be very interested in helping people find the datasheets they need; that's very kind of you; i appreciate that!
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