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UV Exposure box with mercury lamp


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Hello guys

In articles pages (http://www.electronics-lab.com/articles/uv_box_hg/index_en.html) there is this project on how to build a UV exposure box using mercury lamps.I have build this project and although I left the pcb for about 30mins nothing happend.

a)For the lamps I asked and bought mercury vapor lamp
not the same brand though as in the pics located at the project page
b)Yes I bought the special PCB with photosencitive surface

Thank you in advance

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After exposure you should develop the board in NaOH solution. The solution must have aroung 5,8g per litre of water. After 1-2 minutes you will se the pcb artwork to appear on the board. Wait until it seems clearly. After this step you move to etching step as normally on no photo fabrication method.

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