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Help with simple RF switching application

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I need some help regarding wireless switching application.
I want to control a lamp from my PC using RF link. I have a block diagramatic idea regarding this.
PCserial port -->RF transmitter --->RF receiver --> Control Ckt

But the problem is all these bulinding blocks are very new to me and I never worked with them at all ???. I tried to go for IR switching but looks problamtic from the application point of view.
Can any one please help mewith some basic information regarding this....


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If you have block diagram of the system, there is not much difficulties on building each of them.

And what is the problems you are facing in using IR??

Is the lamp are AC supplied??

RF transmitter and receiver? Frequency? AM? FM? Distance?

You have to clarify your mind on these questions (or more) in order build the system.

Remember to build block by block.

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The problem with IR is distance between PC and Lamp and also direct contact. They will be at upto or more than 1meter.

The lamp is AC and I am intended to use high current relay.
I don't know what RF frequency to use or any thing abt it. All I need is either the relay ON/Off when there is signal from my PC.I have an idea with max232 IC to get signal out of PC

Actually I tried to search for RF switching  devices like photo transistors. And I saw some RF transistors with 2 emitter teminals and got confused ::)

Basically, when there is signal from PC , RF trasmitter has to send a signal , which should be picked up by receiver and control the high current relay. As I don't need to send vast info/data i expected it to be a simple one but looks complecated....
Any help???

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For lamp switching, I suggest you to use diac+triac for switching on/off, where you can find many of such circuits in the topics of dimmer switch.

So, is there any meanings on the serial port data? If yes, I think you may need MCU to interprete the serial signals at receiver side .

For transmitter and receiver, I think you can find many circuit in this site and some hot topics within this forum.

The system seems not so complicated, just what you need to do is step by step doing so.... and many experts here (except me :P ) will give you much help.

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