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Visual Basic is very simple. You just make a form for each of your menu items, then add buttons which have the links to go there.
For example, (it is hard to tell you how without a form in front of me, but I will try) make 2 blank forms. Name the first form FrmMain and the second, FrmTwo. Add two buttons to each form. Name the first button of FrmMain "Go To Form 2". Name the second button on FrmMain "Exit". Name the first button on FrmTwo "Return", name the second button on FrmTwo "Exit".
Double click the buttons to add the imbedded code. In both  Exit buttons, the code should be End. That is all you need. Pressing this button will end the program. In the button named "Go To Form Two", your code is FrmTwo.show
This will open that form. In the button named return, use the code "FrmMain.show"
This assumes you already know a little in VB and is not a complete tutorial. It should be enough to get you moving in the right direction.


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