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Board Design Programs?

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Hi crazy_azz_mat

I've used Target 3001 and it's very good and has lots of support.

The one I currently use is Eagle as I find it slightly more intuitive to work with, it too has lots of support on the web in the form of tutorials, FAQ's and libraries.  The free version has a size limit of, I think, about 10x8 cm, which is more than big enough for general projects.

Whichever program you end up with, you'll find you need a lot of practice to become proficient and I've yet to find one which is easy to use in making new IC's/packages - it can be done but I don't find it simple.  ???

Best of Luck


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I will sugest 3 different products that look good and are cheap.

1. Proteus (w*w.labcentre.co.uk)
2. CircuitMaker (w*w.circuitmaker.com) and
3. Eagle (w*w.cadsoft.de)

Proteus is supposed to be more inclusive since it has a simulation ability.
Circuit maker has also simulation abilities but not for microcontrollers as Proteus has.
Eagle on the other hand is (my opinion) better that the other 2 as far as schematic/PCB abilities are conserned.  Its libraries are very good, has good support and it is the cheaper.
The easyer to use is Circuitmaker then Eagle and then ....

All of the above have schematic editor, pcb and autorouter.

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