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idea about project in vhdl or microcontroller


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I have to do a project for my final year of engineering. I am thinking of using a Spartan 2 or Spartan 3 FPGA with VHDL on a TK Base board. Can anyone suggest me any idea for a project.

                Please suggest something other than designing a Microprocessor or a microcontroller. Any other control device which can be used for some practical applications like the one for "Garden Light Controller" or something like that.

          I greatly appreciate anybody who gives an idea for this project.

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You might consider a green house control system. There are lots of great sensors now on the market that communicate with I2C. You could manage relays to open and close vents and turn on and off heaters. This being dependent upon the temp and/or humidity of the room. You could also consider other parameters such as oxygen and other gaseous content, lighting, and automatic watering with sensor feedback.
Hope it is food for thought.  ;D (forgive the pun)


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