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Pre-mounted DC-DC 3.3v to 5v charge-pump?


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I'm working on a small amatuer electronics project that involves connecting an optical joystick to a hacked playstation controller.  A playstation controller uses a 3.3v source for it's circuit, which is provided from the controller port.  The optical joystick I'm using needs 5v.

I've thought about using a battery to step-up the voltage to 5v, but then I discovered charge-pump ICs that seem to do the same.  Will this work?  From what I've read -- again, I'm very new to electronics -- these switching charge-pumps are able to increase the voltage using a few capacitors at the cost of lowering the amperage.  I'm not certain yet, but I believe the loss in amperage won't be a problem in this case.

Here is the MAX682 IC I've been reading on that I think would do the trick:

The problem is, it requires surface mounting on a PCB -- something I really don't have the knowledge/skills to accomplish yet.

Is there any product out there that already provides a charge-pump IC and the necessary capacitors pre-mounted on a PCB?  Dimension Engineering makes the AnyVolt Mini, but it's $28, and more designed for prototyping -- variable output, etc.  I'm looking for something fixed.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.


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