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I need someone to build me a little toy!

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It is really hard to find this type of help on an International forum where most readers are looking for information to advance their knowledge.

Asking for a non-disclosure agreement without knowing anything about the device could hamper future development for a budding entrepreneur. For example, I could be working on the idea for a high tech pancake turner. Then here you come along with your offer that sounds interesting. I sign the non-disclosure and find that you are also working on one of these but you are going about it all wrong. I just signed off all my rights to complete development of my project. In fact, any part of it or anything similar could get me pulled into court on your non-disclosure. This is where people make their own problems. You would certainly think I stole your idea if I continued with my own development, but I did not.

I think that if all you have is an idea, then you have no rights to non-disclosure. Thoughts are pretty much free around here.
But that is my own personal opinion.


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Guest 2old4digital

I agree with MP. But if you want to protect your Idea get the idea patent before you go into the design area, that way your basic idea will be protected and you probable wouldn't need a  non-dis contract

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Hey Gents,

Thanks both for your answers.  I agree as well.  In fact the device probably exists and is really simple , I would guess to design.  I was more thinking about the context of use as opposed to the device itself.  So my next response would be there are people here who would be happy to build small electronic devices for a fee?

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