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current series feed back in amplfiers


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It is known that a feedback capacitor is used in a CE amplifier in order to avoid current series feed back ie., the drop of input signal across the emitter resistance.Well it is fine up to here But.....
Why do we call the input signal drop across emitter resistance as current series feedback?
I'm struck here some one help me out please.........
Bye.......... :) :) :)

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Hi, audioguru!!!,
Well what you said was right but this term"CURRENT SERIES FEEDBACK" is used in many a standard literature on basic amplifiers(by Millman etc...,)I basically understood the phenomenon but couldn't justify the name given to it.

Obviously the name given must be apt and should carry some meaning with it.
To me current series feed back means output current  of an ampbeing collected, given as an input to a feed back ckt(block) whose out put is fed in series with the input but i can't figue out this phenomenon so make the picture clearer to me!!!
Merry Christmas....
Bye... :) :) :)

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