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For some years now I've used a simple way of protoyping on 0.1in perforated boards which usually guarantees first time working.  I simply make an outline of each IC and pin name used as well as power supply terminals in a drawing program and then print them on paper.  Each outline is then stuck down on the perforated board using paper glue.  It's then very easy to follow your circuit diagram to join up each node of the circuit and it's a very useful aid in debugging.

My favourite program is Visio, I'm sure there are many others, where you set up a 0.1in printing grid for each drawing and just add IC's until the page is full, I then cut out shapes as necessary, using a scalpel,  and glue them to the perforated board.

As an example, here's one I made much earlier.

No doubt there are many using this idea, but so far I haven't met them




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I might add to this, that if you are using a circuit board program that creates a silk screen image of the components automatically, you can print this and do the same. I think this is an excellent idea. A little clay or flux in the holes and you could spray a light laquer or conformal coat to the surface and it would be permanent.


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Thanks MP

the conformal coating is a good idea and should enable the transition from prototype to 'production'.  The reason for posting this idea was mainly to pass on the results of a lot of frustration when designs didn't work, whether mine or someone elses'.  Many is the hour I've spent debugging a circuit only to find that I'd inadvertently joined  A to B instead of B to C and if you are not sure whether the design or wiring is correct then inevitably getting the thing working seems to take forever.

So, if you can take one variable out of the equation - Life Gets Easier



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