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Need help with LCD displays....

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Hi everyone.
I have couple LCD displays and
i was going to connect one of them to my pc but i cannot find
any information about them....

I have 3 LCD's and here's some info about them...

1. Display: is made by SEIKO, it's 4*40 and it
has HD44780A00 chip on it.
It haves 16 pin connection (+ 2 pins for
backlight i think)
=> http://public.fotki.com/fuzaa/lcds/dscf0234.html

2. Display: is made by Samsung and it has 3 SEC C814A KS0084
chips on it, and one chip says UG-24B04-GNBR9-R
It haves 10 pin connection + 2 pin for backlight.
=> http://public.fotki.com/fuzaa/lcds/dscf0233.html

3. Display: is allmost same looking as Samsung's LCD
It has one LC7942N chip and 3 LC7941N chips on it.
It haves 12 pin connection and also haves backlight pins.
=> http://public.fotki.com/fuzaa/lcds/dscf0235.html

I'd be very happy if someone could help me with this project or knows where i could find some technical information, wiring diagrams or pinouts etc. etc.
Please help the poor =D
Here's pictures of all my LCD displays.
=> http://public.fotki.com/fuzaa/lcds/

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