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Re: sizing pc board artwork

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There are 2 sizes to every image on a computer. The first size is the image in pixels, which is how we view it and how it is displayed on a computer monitor. The second size is the print size. Different software will handle this in different ways. The secong size is the print resolution which is defined at pixels per square inch or pixels per cm square. So if you have and image which is 100 x 100 pixels and the resolution is 100 pixels/inch. The image will print out 1 sqaure inch. If the reslotion is 50 pixels/inch the image will print out to be 2 square inches. If the resolution is 200 pixels/inch the image will print out .5 square inches.

Now you have to figure how the image size of the file in pixels and then define the print resoution in the software you are using to get the appropriate size. The setting may have been known by the origional creator of the artwork. But the file itself will not contain the print resolution data. You will have to do some test print and lay your components on it to determine when the settings are correct. Or use the grid option of your image editor and an approtiate resolution to detemine if the component holes are layed out in the appropriate locations.

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