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IR gate counter HELP!

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I need something capeable of counting and displaying the number of times the IR beam is broken... I don't really know where to start... I'd like to display it on a 3 digit 7-segment led display. Is there anyway to do this with out a programer? Feedback and help is much appreciated! ;D

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So recently two other friends and myself took on the project of making a device that launches tenis balls. I would like some sort of counter that counts how many balls that have been shot. My concept was have the counter be able to count how many times the ir beam had been broken and display the number up to 3 digits... Unfortunatly I have no idea of where to start... I tried googleing electronis counter project and different variations and the results were always "electronis counter measure"... I'm lost. ???

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Well if you need a counter to count 3 digits, I would use a cascaded decade counters. One decade counter per digit, therefore I need 3 decade counters for 3 digits. The 3 decade counters allow me to count 1000 different states (0-999). The output is usually in binary form. To make it more readable i.e. decimal, you would need to feed the outputs of each decade counter to a BCD (Binary to Decimal Decoder) chip. From here the output of the BDC goes into a 7 segment LED display.

Keep in mind that each decade counter needs its own BCD decoder chip and each BCD decoder chip needs its 7 - segment LED display.

As for the which IC chip to use for the decade counter, I'm not sure. I usually make my own decade counters from cascaded JK flip flops(4 flip flops per counter). Mayb if you search google for decade counter IC chips, you may find a suitable one to purchase.

If you do decide to use the above method for a counter, you should look up the pin configurations for the 7-segment LED and try to figure out how to carry the signal from the BCD to the 7 segment. Usually (on the BCD) upper case letters are for the inputs from the decade counter and lower case letters are outputs to the 7 segment LED.

sundar_milo's suggestion on using the ripple counter is also a good way to go. The same principles of BCD to 7 segment still apply.

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Hey i have found a way to solve your problem of counting ,displaying in 3 digit display.

It uses 3 IC 74160(counter), 3  IC 7485  (4-bit magnitude comparator ), 3 BCD to 7 segment display decoder(IC 7447) and an inverter (IC 7404). The circuit is somewhat complicated for me to draw but i will try to post the circuit diagram(schematic) within 2-3 days.

But u have to provide the output of the IR to this circuit . i hope it is about +5v so that it could drive the counter circuit.


sundar :D

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i think u would need the following components

common anode 7 segment display - 3
IC 74160 - 3
IC 7447 - 3
IC 7485 - 3
IC 7400 - 1
Resistors 330 ohm - 21.

I doubt that some more resistors are needed for grounding and other purposes.
i think we need some others' help to do the resistors job.
If you are clear with my circuit diagram then make up a computer aided schematic.
post it here and may be we can ask help from experts like "audioguru" , "ante" , etc.,
send them personal messages so that they could give some good idea about the circuit.

i recommend www.maxim-ic.com
www.ti.com ,etc., try googling . i always buy chips directly not by online.

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i also recommend you first create a pcb design using computer after making a scematic.and then u would have to print the board . for this design u need some pcb creator programs like express pcb,eagle layout editor.
Eagle editor is the best one from user comments.

but before everything we must contact experts for thier suggestion.dont even proceed to buy chips.
just make a schematic first.

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So If I would use bianary the circuit would look something like this??(attached)
How does a binary display work (how do you read it)?
I like this design more because it is alot simpler.
Sundar said that I would need a signal inverter because of how I was going to use the counter. Is it still needed?

Thank you soo much for all of you guy's help so far!

When I get sometimes I'm going to draw out sundar's circuit... Becasue I would really rather have the 7 segment display...


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Thank you for your time and responses!
I have ordered the 74LS90's an according to the site should be here in 1-2 weeks according to the site.

The counter part is designed, but I'm still not entirely sure how to make the imput part.

For everytime the IR beam is interupted the count should increase by one.
I will attach a diagram of what I need.


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