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Please help in the MOSFET driver

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Hi guys!

well i was using the following schematic for my H-bridge in order to drive a DC motor.


This circuit is fine for a small motor. Now i want to use a relatively more powerful motor whose current can get increased from 3A. The TC4424 can only support a peak current of 3A. So using this will not be a good idea i gueess. So i have decided to use TC4420 which is a single MOSFET driver but has a current support of 6A. Since it is a single driver so i would be using two of them in the same circuit so that it can proved to an equivalent to TC4424. In this way, i will make a 6A equivalent of TC4424.

am i right?
if not then what should i do?

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Hi tony!

Im greatly surprisde by ur answer. Sorry to say but i have successfuly driven a DC motor with this circuit of TC4424.

Now please tell me that can i drive a more powerful DC motor(whose current is about 4A) with TC4420 by using two of them (one for each side) or will this TC4424 will be sufficient enuff to run that motor?

thanks in advance

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