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Uploading does not work correctly!


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Hi guys
            50 megs is a big file to upload, don't see how they could do that.

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no problem, Ante!  ;) anyway, i hope this problem gets fixed.. i think the only user affected by this is  you, Ante.. ordinary users seldom reaches 3000KB in the files they want to atach..  but is you, the one  8) that seems to have every electronic book, that is really bothered by the problem.. i noticed that the e-books you are uploading to the site are sometimes chopped up to three parts!!

wait! waaaaaa!!  :o  EVERYBODY is affected!! once, i downloaded a book you have uploaded.. when i got home to open it, it fails!  :(  the reason, the third part is missing.. i thought it has only two parts so i just saved parts 1 & 2..  i think this could have been avoided if only you could upload large files without splitting them into parts..  >:(

mixos  8) is the only one authorized/capable to fix this, right?!  ???

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