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Nokia Phone upgrade


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I own a Nokia 3530.. Under messages>>text messages>>my folders i can store messages by moving the messages from my inbox.. Problem is after creating 3 folders, i can only store up to 10 messages accumulated... I had a Nokia 3510 once which is a close relative of the 3530 and that can sture up to 40 messages in the "my folders"

question now is, Can I make an Upgrade so that its text message memory capacity would be increased?

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It's probably possible but if it's not possible through firmware/software it's not worth the time and effort in my opinion. Even tweaking the firmware/software of the phone would be a long and difficult unless you really knew what you were doing. I'm not saying I would be able to do it fast but if you have to ask then it wouldn't be a breeze for you. I hope you do find a way though.

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thanks for the reply jpk! ;D I'm not going do to anything with it. even if i want to, i can't.. i knoe nothing :p i already asked a local cellphone repairman, and he told me there is no such thing.. am just asking for a second opinion here.. thanks again..

Kasamiko,  8) could you pls help me out here?! what do you think?

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