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Need 2SA514 datasheet


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Hi guys, i have a cordless drill/driver (make TGF china). it uses a transistor to control the speed of the drill/driver along with the trigger control. th emore u press the trigger the faster the rpm. the transistor is a TO-220 style package with A514 written on it (which i presume is 2SA514 as japanese transistors are usually named). any one having a its datasheet. i need to know how much power the transistor can handle. the power supply of the drill is from a 7.2v NiCd battery (6x1.2V cells each rated at 1200mAh).
thanx ;)

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thanks for the links, but there is still a problem, the FZT951 is an SMD transistor and the 2SA514 is a TO-220 style transistor, i don't think that the FZT951 can handle the current to drive a 7.2V motor in a cordless drill. maybe i'll look for a substitute in the TIP series on pnp transistors. can a MOSFET be used in its place?

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thanks for your idea but i don't think that it is an scr. i can't see a diac or so connected, all i see is a 7.2V battery connected through a trigger button ( which itself regulates the speed of the motor). the transistor is connected to the trigger button and the trigger button assembly also has a polarity reversal switch so that the motor can work as a screw driver also. maybe i'll try out the TIP127 darlington PNP transistor, it can handle curremts upto 5A

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