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electrically charged fence


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I was simply thinking about getting an industrial transformer to take my 120 and bring to about 10kV ;D. Then it would charge a couple of huge capacitors, like 100 farads so that voltage would only be pumped through if the wires are grounded.

Then I would put a large 6ft fence around my property with every other barbed wire grounded. This way, if someone doesn't listen to the "Danger High Voltage", "Private Property Keep Out" and the "Caution Risk of Electric Shock" signs, ZZZZET! Ouch! lol I think they would look a little something like this: :o  lol

I think if it was set up right, you could do this for you cattle as well. You might want to skip the whole 6ft barbed fence... The idea with the capacitors is that you would charge the capacitors so the fence is ready to unleash that power. It should be cheaper that way too because you don't have to send an electric pulse through it every few seconds.

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