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IC 555 instead of IC 50240

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Audioguru - the idea to have it follow the harp is nice. I haven't thought of that possibility. It should add some interesting effects  :) And yes, I do sing. My voice is my main instrument.

MP - I'm beginning to understand the different parts in this. The PLL is a small part of a larger circuit when put to use.

So... what have I been up to today... well... I downloaded ExpressPCB and the PAiA Fatman manual, and I'm working on reprodusing the scematics for the analog part of the Fatman from the PDF-manual. It takes a while, but is a good excercise. I will download the mods from the same place as the harmonics generator, and see how they fit in, and then put together the harmonics generator in ExpressPCB as well. Once that is done, I'll ask you about the circuits and how it can be modified to fit into what I want. The Fatman seems like a good small synth, and with less knobs on the front I think I can fit the parts into the harp. That's one of the reasons I'm working in ExpressPCB.

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I don't think you can print out your finished board with ExpressPCB. The manufacturer gives it away so that you will send them the file and pay them for boards. No one else can read their files.
You can get a free copy of Eagle on the links section of this site. It will work much better for you. You can print the files to use for etching a board or send them to any board house, etc. With ExpressPCB, you are stuck with using their services.


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ExpressPSB wasn't what I expected. I wanted it to put together a netlist based on the circuit diagram, but it didn't. I first drew the diagram in the part called ExpressSCH, but when I tried to import it into the PCB-part,all it could do was to show me where the parts were linked. I had to manually import and name all the footprints. *sigh*!!! It was a good exercise, putting together the schematics, but having to do the footprint part as well with all those resistors and capasitors to keep track of... *ble*!!!

I'll try Eagle next. I liked the tutorial from FreePCB, and if I could make a proper netlist for the fatman, I'd use that.

Back to the Fatman... I'm confused... The midi part and the analog part are sharing ICs! The parts are separated in the manual, but I don't know what parts I can remove from the analog part of the schematics. The manual can be found here: http://www.paia.com/manuals/docs/9308-fatman-manual.pdf Could you help me? Also the ground symbol comes in two versions, and I don't know if there is a difference in how they'r wired. The empty triangle and the "three-line-triangle" both mean ground, right?

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You don't need a lot of separation between digital and analog parts. This is why they have different ground routings. Treat the two ground symbols as two different connections, then connect them together at one single point at the chassis. The triangle symbol is normally used as a digital ground and the symbol with the lines signifies chassis cround. I have seen many agencies use these differently. Ampeg used the triangle to denote the 1/2 VCC reference on some of their designs whereas the ground with lines was the actual ground. Of course, yours are both grounds and need to be connected at one point.


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Hi RF,

Told you I was bored. If you're still looking for a 50240, Organ Service Corp. has a generic replacement. Check it out at http://www.organservice.com/crm/topdividers.htm#Fig5. The order # is KS-83, price 39.95 US. A little pricey but maybe cheaper and definitely easier than trying to puzzle out an alternative.

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