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Hi everyone, I am trying to build a piece of test equipment for my own use at work.  I work in aviation as a certifying engineer and sometimes need to do some simple trouble shooting on air data systems.

I have found a barometric sensor that already has a circuit board attached and is designed to output 0 to 5vDC depending on the absolute pressure being sensed.


I would like to connect this to a LCD to present the sensed altitude, the LCD module I am thinking of using is available from Maplin's


I need to be able to compare calibrated information with that as presented by the aircrafts instruments.

The reason I would like to build this equipment is that the equipment which is currently available to me is very bulky and does not travel well, because it is built around analogue instruments that allways manage to get damaged through baggage check in etc.

It would also be ultra cool if I could connect this device via usb to my laptop.

I am doing lots of research but work keeps getting in the way so I could really do with some help.

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