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Controlling a USB webcam wirelessly??


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HI guys!

hope u would be fine out there!

WEll i have somewhat an idea about which i want to know what i have to do:

If i have a webcam which connects to the pc thru USB and i want to control it wirelessly what i have to do??

I have some in my mind like:

Suppose my WEbcam is present away from a distance from my PC. Now if i provide it 5VDC as POWER and GND, then i would be left with only control signals in the USB cable. I beleive that these control signals can be sent wirelessly from a PC to this webcam. What do u guys say??

I want to use TWS-434/RWS 434 for this purpose. It is a transmitter and receiver module that works on around 433MHz. What i want to know is this that how a webcam interacts with PC?? serially?? how many control signals does it want?? and will this TX and RX pair work with it???

Thanks in advance!

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