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Accuphase Power Amplifier Upgrade!

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I have found this Old Accuphase Amplifier schematic from a service manual website.
I have also found a Manual for one of the newest Accuphase Product which has a differential input. In this manual you can find a circuit diagram without details. If you compare these two schematics you can understand that the BASIC has not changed.

Download the new Old From Here:

Download the new one From Here: http://www.4shared.com/file/10268547/66af6ce3/Accuphase_px-600e.html

1- If anybody has a schematic for new Accuphase Amplifiers, I would greatly appreciate it ;-)
2- Otherwise help me to upgrade this old schematic.

I found two main differences.

I) In the old one they had used FETs for driving Power Transistors while in new ones they use
BJT ones. What changes needed if we replace FETs with BJTs.

II) How can we upgrade the OLD Single input schematic to a differential one.

ThanX in advance

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