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Replacing IGBTs with BJTs in Elektor IGBT design!

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I read Reviews about IGBTs, MosFETs and BJTs uses in Audio Power amplifiers.
I want to build the Elektor 50W Compact AF IGBT power amplifier. I want to replace IGBTs with BJTs.
I have two questions:

1- which components should I change?
2- What is the best BJT to use? (part Number)

P.S. I know how to replace it with MosFET. But I do not know about BJT replacement.

Here is the Original Design.

Here another design with BJT from the same designer. maybe it could help. (I don't know the supply Voltages)


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The original design is from Elektor Magazine, may 1997issue
fortunately I have another schematic which a nice guy has redraw it.


The circuit in the 2nd schematic is unusual because its output transistors don't have emitter resistors

This designer have many designs that the output is connected to Power transitors Collector instead of Emitter via resistors. This is why there is no resistor.

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