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Remote Sensing and Reading


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Hi pals!
I need some circuit capable to detect the line voltage, but I want to see the readout over the Internet. A friend needs to check the voltage fluctuations, at his office, from his greenhouse located in the country 25 miles away.
So the circuit should read the voltage, convert it to data and send it over the Internet (with IP addresses of course).
Any ideas?  ???

Thanks in advance!

Eng. Marcelo Doyhamboure

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You have two solutions:

1_ Design a circuit that will read the line voltage and send it to your computer then make it available on a little website you will install on your computer,using PHP to constantly update the the line voltage measure.Or you can still make it availble using telnet.

2_Design a whole embedded solution that will include internet communications.There are many free TCP/IP stack implementations out there for many microcontrollers.You  embedd a little website or you telnet the microcontroller and request the informations online.I think telnet will be much more effective.

Good luck with your project.

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